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Friday, April 27, 2012

Only He

I was working on my bees the other day.  It was warm and sunny outside.  The day was truly a gift from God.  The little bees were crawling across my bare hands and they were not stinging me, we were at peace the bee and the beekeeper, in harmony.  I was thinking about the miracle of the beehive.  20,000 bees all working in perfect harmony.  You see unlike humans bee's don’t sin, in fact they don't make mistakes either.  They live for the good of their family.  From the day a bee is born till the day it dies it works hard for the hive.  Keepers have found aging worker bees drop dead from old age still trying to get one more load of nectar or pollen back to the hive.  Unlike wasps when a bee stings it dies.  When they must protect their family they always make the ultimate sacrifice.  The honeybee is a completely selfless creature.  Surely one of God's miracles.  Even though they never make mistakes and never sin only 1 in 4 wild hives survives more than a year.  Some have survived for decades, possibly even centuries.  Some barely survive a single year and the entire hive collapses.  If the bees can fail and lose it all and they live without sin what chance do we humans have.

The only chance is through Jesus.  Only He can save us.

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